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Cause for research

In January 2014, the Dutch Health Council concluded that residents of areas near agricultural plots in the Netherlands regularly report health effects such as nausea and skin, eye or upper respiratory tract irritation. However, hardly any research has been carried out on possible health effects due to pesticide exposure in the Netherlands.

This advice was submitted to the Secretaries of the ministries of Infrastructure and the Environment and of Economic Affairs. The Dutch Health Council also stated that data on the health complaints of residents outside the Netherlands are also insufficient to indicate whether they can be correlated with pesticide exposure. Moreover, the Council concludes that there is a lack of available data in the Netherlands.

Exposure research first

The Dutch Health Council advised starting with exposure research. Followed by research on potential health effects, depending on the results of the exposure research. Therefore, Dutch parliament committed to long-term exposure research for residents near agricultural plots. The ministries of Infrastructure and the Environment and of Economic Affairs commissioned RIVM to coordinate this research, starting with the exposure of residents near flower bulbs cultivation.